9 Dec 2009

Old scale with mascot from film "Teddy Bear"

Bareja's fans :)

scene from film "Man - Woman Wanted"

Last film festival "Zawsze z Bareją" was committed to remind the person of famous polish film director Stanislaw Bareja whose films are well known to polish public mainly due to specific, absurd sense of humour and the way how they reflect the time before 1989 in Poland. Some people know quotes from these films by heart and use them in daily routine conversation as they reflect sometimes brilliant comment to observed reality.
Both of us, Karol and I, are fans of these films and we couldn't afford to miss the chance to see "Poszukiwany, Poszukiwana" at big screen. (eng. version: "Man - Woman Wanted").

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  1. Marysia:) jest zadowolona z pani.
    Warsaw by night is good:)My wszystko verstehen!