21 Mar 2010

going back to Porto

This set of photos depicts Porto where I was in 2007 with my analogue camera. It was high time to convert them on digital version.

17 Mar 2010

St. Patrick's day.

It's good occasion to post this pic taken with my new lens 35mm 1.8. 
Have a nice St. Patrick's day then!
Enjoy your pint!

15 Mar 2010

View from my window

Today's Warsaw landscape looked like from a fairy tale. Trees' branches were covered with snow which made a unique aura everywhere. Going to work, like never before, was a real pleasure for me. Here below, only part of this what could have been seen early morning in Warsaw.

1 Mar 2010

Coffe in Lwów

Going through some archive photos, I found this treasure. 
taken in a coffe shop in Lwów