12 Jul 2010

Absolutely Summer!

Here below my perspective of the summer at countryside:

9 Jul 2010

World Cup emotions

I love watching people's emotions that relfect on their faces. That's why I took my camera to one of Warsaw's pub where there was match between Germany and Spain. Fantastic german team-play failed this time with spanish determination to win. Here below some pics from this exciting event.

6 Jul 2010

Eggman project

During workshops with Tomek Sikora, well known for art and advertising photography, I was asked to participate in "Eggman project". The idea was to take a photo of Eggman against the interior of the building that the workshops took place in. Here below my photo-proposition which apparently was close to idea of Rene Magritte, belgian surrealist artist.

 Alter-Ego - Rene Magritte

4 Jul 2010

My first exhibition

During last week I had a chance to present my last photos from Sicily within Homeless Galery. Here below the "sicilian wall" with my pics. Thank you everyone who came to celebrate this nice moment with me. I hope that you could catch a bit of sicilian vibe through my pics.
"sicilian wall" at Homeless Galery