3 Sep 2013

Another look at polychromies of Jerzy Nowosielski

This time I didn't need to travel to South of Poland (http://agnieszkakedzierska.blogspot.com/2011/04/nowosielskis-polychromies.html) to see polychromies of great painter, graphic and artist Jerzy Nowosielski. Please have a look at some pics from the Providence church in Wesoła, Warsaw neighbourhood.

2 Sep 2013

Grand Prix of Poland

It took place at the cycling track BGŻ Arena in Pruszków where teams from nineteen countries (Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Norway, South Africa, Italy, the USA, Trinidad and Tobago) participated in different categories of races.Please have a look at below compilation of photos taken during this show.